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  • Who you know

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The My Car My Data campaign believes that YOU should be the one deciding if your vehicle data should be shared and with whom as cars are equipped with sensors, localisation and communication devices can collect and send more and more data about drivers.  This includes information concerning their behaviour and habits when behind the wheel. Tomorrow’s cars will be able to communicate about your driving preferences and allow companies to offer you personalised services.

90% of Europeans believe that they own their vehicle’s data and it should be standard that drivers get the choice of whether or not to share this data. There should be a market that allows service providers to freely compete to offer you the most added-value for the data shared. Europeans should be entirely free to choose with whom to share vehicle data in the future, unless otherwise mandated by law.

At the FIA, we believe that access to your mobility habits should only happen with your full informed consent. YOU should be the one deciding if your data should be shared and with whom. This would offer you the freedom to choose any service you like for your travel over the lifetime of your vehicle.


Could my car be communicating all by itself!? To whom? What kind of information?
Today, if you have a problem with your car, you call your garage and give them the information you have.

Meanwhile, vehicles are becoming increasingly intelligent. Many models are already capable of grouping and sending data from your car. The vehicle transmits it over secured networks and can ensure a faster and more effective response. Your roadside assistance patrol can come with the right spare part and software to fix your car!

A car that can communicate in this way (a ‘connected car’) can send more than breakdown data and help enhance your driving experience by warning you before a breakdown, helping you adapt your route according to traffic conditions, and much more.

What is the My Car My Data campaign about?
How do I give or refuse access to my vehicle data?
Do existing laws on data protection apply to vehicle data?
What are the goals?
What about other service providers?
How does this affect me?
Who supports My Car My Data?
Why should vehicle owners have a choice of service providers with their vehicles?
What is the situation today?
How can I get involved?

I have already contacted the European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager, and warned her about the threat against free competition in the car repair field and I will raise a debate in Parliament on how we can protect car consumers against unwanted use of private data, which the car manufactures can freely access.

Christel Schaldemose MEP





Having an eCall system in the car leads to the obligation to have an in-vehicle platform to operate IT software and applications. This needs to be an open platform that service providers can, if agreed by the car owner, use to provide different services. This creates lots of opportunities.

Guy Verhofstadt, MEP

Consumer Principles

Consumer Principles


Legislation should ensure informed consent on access to a car’s data. This means that consumers need to be fully informed about what data is being transmitted and for what purpose. Drivers should retain ownership of the data their car produces and control over how it is used for as long as they own the vehicle.


Drivers should have the right to choose their preferred service provider and match the right products and level of service to their needs. The right to choose from a variety of safe product functionalities needs to be guaranteed. The service providers must also be changeable throughout the lifetime of the vehicle and without any additional administrative burden.


A variety of service providers should have the right to develop products and functionalities for car data, ensuring fair competition in an open market place. This enables the driver’s ability to choose their preferred service provider to access vehicle data and offer associated functionalities via an open, secure telematics platform.

The My Car My Data Roadshow

The My Car My Data campaign has launched throughout Europe, see the countries that took part:

Austria: ÖAMTC

Belgium: Touring FR & NL

Denmark: FDM

Finland: AL

France: ACA


Germany: ADAC & AVD

Hungary: MAK

Italy: ACI

Norway: NAF

The Netherlands: ANWB

Slovenia: AMZS

Spain: RACE

Sweden: Motormännens

Switzerland: TCS DEFR, IT

The UK: The AA

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